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RSL-1 Raman Handheld System

Low-resolution Raman Spectroscopy

When a sample is irradiated with a laser or light of a single frequency, the scattered portion of the light consists primarily of elastically scattered photons, or the Rayleigh component. Some inelastically scattered photons also appear, and comprise the Raman component. The shift in frequency corresponds to the molecular vibrational frequencies of the sample. The Raman spectrum that results provides information about the vibrational structure of the sample (the fingerprint region).

Although a high-resolution Raman spectrum gives detailed information about the vibrational fine structure of sample molecules, most routine applications need only ~15 cm-1 resolution -- what is considered in the range of low-resolution Raman spectroscopy -- for quantitative or qualitative analysis. As a result, a system such as the RSL-1 can be assembled using less expensive optics and lasers -- without sacrificing the power of Raman analysis.

Fully Integrated, Compact System

The RSL-1 consists of all the components needed for on-site Raman analysis, including an embedded computer with LCD display that’s preloaded with spectral matching software for convenient QC, verification and validation routines. The rest of the system includes a linear CCD-array spectrometer; a 785 nm diode laser to irradiate the sample; a fiber optic sampling probe for liquids, solids, powders, gels and tablets; and a 2-hour rechargeable battery. In addition, optical fiber makes possible remote sampling at distances of up to 200 meters.

FDA Compliance

The RSL-1 is self-calibrating and has automated validation features. Its operating software is compliant with the FDA’s 21-CFR-11, and includes features such as audit logging, spectral matching, database creation, and automatic detection of data tampering.


 Dimensions:  305 mm x 52 mm x 76 mm
 Weight:  1,724 g
 Raman shift range:  ~200-2700 cm-1
 Resolution:  ~15 cm-1
 Laser:  Solid-state 785 nm diode
 Laser output:  500 mW
 Detection via:  Linear CCD-array detector spectrometer
 Sampling via:  Fiber optic shuttered probe for liquids, solids, gels
 Remote sampling:  Up to 200 meters using optical fibers
 Battery:  2-hour rechargeable battery
 Computer:  Embedded PC preloaded with spectral-matching software
 Calibration:  Self-calibration and automated validation
 Compliance:  Compliant with 21-CFR-11

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